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1. What are the differences between ARI and ARILAC products?

The main difference between the two products is that ARI Vitamin Mineral Milk Rice Flour is prepared by cooking while ARILAC Cereal Based Complementary Food for Babies and Young Children is prepared by adding cooled boiled water without cooking.

2. How should ARILAC series be consumed?

As noted in preparation part ARILAC Complementary Food must be added to cooled boiled water in small amounts and stirred using a fork until it becomes a pudding. It must be prepared fresh for every consumption.

3. Is ARILAC defined as Complementary food or follow-on milk?

According to Turkish Food Codex Baby and Young Children Complementary Food Regulation (2007/50) ARILAC is defined as “Cereal Based Complementary Food for Babies and Young Children”.


4. Babies in which age group can use ARILAC products?

ARILAC Milk Rice and Milk Banana varieties are suitable for use as of the 4th month while Honey Semolina and Cereal varieties are suitable for use as of the 6th month.

5. How do ARILAC products remain fresh?

We do packaging in special settings to keep our products fresh throughout their shelf lives. We prevent contact of product content with oxygen.

6. How long and under which circumstances should I store ARILAC products after opening?

Keep opened packages closed in a dry and cool place and consume in 30 days.

7. How many times a day should I give ARILAC?

You can give it at breakfast, dinner or at any other meal depending on your baby’s preference.

8. Which vitamins and minerals are there in your products?

They contain all 13 vitamins and 6 minerals that they should contain according to Turkish Food Codex Complementary Food for Babies and Young Children (2007/50). These are A, E, D, C, B1, B2, B6, B12, Vitamin K, Folic Acid, Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, Biotin, Calcium, Iron, Zinc, Manganese, Copper and Iodine.

9. Is there refined sugar in ARILAC products?

It contains refined sugar in amounts defined in Turkish Food Codex Complementary Food for Babies and Young Children Regulation (2007/50).

10. Is there palm (date) oil in your products?

Oils are important for development of babies. The palm oil in our ingredients has a profile close to breast milk. What is important is that the oil should not be processed over 200 degrees. Such a high degree of heat is not used in ARILAC products. We pay strict attention to ensure oil we use is sustainable.

11. Is there pork fat in baby food?

There is no pork fat or any products derived from pork in our products.

12. Is there GMO in ARILAC brand products?

None of our products contain GMO. GMO analysis is regularly conducted for every batch of risky raw materials.

13. Is there preservative additives in your products?

Our products do not contain preservative additives.

14. Do ARILAC products cause gas, itching or rashes in babies?

Allergic reactions such as itching or rashes are not expected in babies that are not allergic. Based on your baby’s sensitivity gas problems might be experienced in initial use. However, with baby getting accustomed to complementary food, the gas problem is expected to disappear.

15. Is there foaming in ARILAC products?

Foaming is not observed in our products during their shelf lives.

16. Would ARILAC products cause allergies in babies?

Our products contain milk and milk products. Milk protein is not suitable for consumption of allergic babies. ARILAC honey semolina and cereal type contains gluten. It is not suitable for consumption of babies with gluten sensitivity.

17. Do ARILAC products clump?

Clumping is not observed in our products during shelf life.

18. Is there starch in ARILAC products?

Our products do not contain starch.

19. Do ARILAC products cause constipation in babies?

Products do not cause constipation by their own. Constipation can happen while babies start consuming complementary food.

20. Is there powdered milk or whey powder in your products?

There is skimmed powdered milk and concentrated milk protein as protein source.

21. Is there maltodextrin in your products?

In composition of added vitamin and minerals there is maltodextrin as carrier.

22. Which ingredients do you use in your products as thickener?

Thickeners are not used in our products.

23. Are there flavorant sweeteners in your products?

There are no flavorant sweeteners in our products.

24. Do you use locally produced raw materials in your products?

Raw materials used are locally produced.

25. Do your products have halal production certificate?

Yes. We have halal certificate of KASCERT company

26. Do you work with a team of child development specialists while developing products?

We have specialist R&D team on product development.

27. Where do you produce your products?

Our products are produced zero-touch at our facilities with the highest level of quality control system.

28. Which production certificates do you have in your facilities?

ARI GIDA SAN. A.Ş. has BRC Food Certificate. BRC Food (British Retailer Consortium) is an entire body of food safety standards prepared by British Retailers Consortium established in 1998 and is globally recognized.

29. How many employees work in your facilities?

We have a team of 800 employees working in our factory.

30 Name of your brand is very similar to BEBELAC brand. How did you decide on naming your brand?

ARI is best established brand of our 75-year-old company. LAC is used by many companies all around the world as a connotation to milk. This brand came about as a result of this combination. For example, cerealylac, danalac, honilac, nan no-lac, cerelac, etc.

31. Are all raw materials used in ARILAC locally produced?

All raw materials we use in ARILAC content are locally produced.


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