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Arı Foods was established in Istanbul in 1945. During the time when the Republic was getting industrialized and with the increasing population, meeting complementary food needs of the new generation became significant. Moving from there, ARI produced its first products and presented Turkey’s First Baby Food to the customers. From the day of its establishment, the company continues to be the leader in its category.

In 1985, Sultanlar Group conducted a number of procurements in the scope of its strategy of transition from distributorship to production and in this scope in 1992 incorporated Arı Gıda that it has been a distributor of since 1975.

Ever since its inception ARI, has been continuing its R&D efforts ceaselessly to completely meet nourishment needs of babies and young children. .

In addition to enriching its ingredients, ARI diversified its product range in time and with its Breakfast and Night varieties it introduced in 2013, it became the greatest assistant of parents. When we arrived in 2020, by meeting changing consumption patterns and expectations and with its sectoral experience and specialist R&D team,

‘It initiated Turkey’s First 100% Local Instant Cereal Based Complementary Food for Babies and Young Children’



Keeping our pioneer position in the sector, becoming a global power in the strongest time as a respectable brand that consumers can always access, that became a symbol of quality and reliability. Our company will steadily continue its growth in this direction and in the long run will become a global company with established institutional and brand image.




Our mission is to produce nourishment products for babies and young children taking high quality standards as basis and to present these products to consumers under the most suitable conditions. While fulfilling this mission, our company takes customer satisfaction as basis. It produces by using advanced technology and qualified human resources. It is sensitive to the environment. The company continuously renews itself to adjust to changing macro environmental conditions and aims to integrate with its consumers prioritizing “humans first” to sustain itself for good.

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